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Il me semble que - French subjunctive?

Does il me semble que take the French subjunctive?

Yes and no!

Il me semble que is followed by the French subjunctive only in negative sentences and in questions with inversion.
In affirmative sentences, the verb is conjugated in the indicative.


Il me semble que – It seems to me that

Affirmation: Il me semble que c’est lui là-bas.
It seems to me that’s him over there.

Negation: Il ne me semble pas que ce soit lui là-bas.
I don’t think that’s him there.

Question with inversion: Me semble-t-il que ce soit lui là-bas ?
Does it look like it’s him over there?

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Comprendre que
To understand that

Considérer que
To consider that

Dire que
To say that

Espérer que
To hope that

Estimer que
To estimate that

Être certain (certaine) que
To be certain that

Être désolé (désolée) que
To be sorry that

Être sûr (sûre) que
To be sure that

Il me semble que
It seems to me that

Il paraît que
It appears that

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