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French Short Stories


French Short Stories

Thirty French Short Stories for Beginners to Improve your French Vocabulary

Best Seller on Amazon

Do you struggle to find French reading material for beginners and intermediates?

Look no further! Introducing French Short Stories!

Improve your French with 30 easy French stories for beginners and intermediates.
30 short stories easily readable, covering everyday topics. The stories cover a variety of themes, including travel, friendship, family, and more. They are written in clear and concise language, making them easy to understand for beginners. The book also includes questions and answers for each story, allowing readers to test their comprehension and reinforce their understanding of the vocabulary. 
Read 1 story a day for 30 days and improve your French in only a month!

French Short Stories 
has been written by a French teacher for French learners from beginner to intermediate level. Reading a story and answering the questions will take you less than 15 minutes a day.

Each chapter includes:
– A French short story easily readable with only 250 words and highlighted focused vocabulary to learn faster.
– The English translation of each story.
– Focused vocabulary including parts of speech, in French and in English.
– Multiple choice questions for beginners.
– Short answer questions for intermediate.

But not only! At the end of the book, you will find a French-English glossary of all the highlighted vocabulary in the stories.

Improve your listening skills
Each story has been recorded in slow and clear French by a native French speaker (me).
Download the audio of all the stories for free and start improving your French listening skills today.

Grab your copy today and enjoy learning!


Free Preview of French Short Stories

Please note that the PDF and the Paperback/Hardcopy have different layouts because of page size.
Only the PDF has coloured illustrations.

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Charlotte in CA
Excellent Book!
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This author is a A+ FRENCH INSTRUCTION EXPERT! This book and everything else published by this author is well worth purchasing. This particular book has easily digestible short stories with English translations, vocab lists, audios, multiple choice questions and written short answer responses - just what a French learner needs for reinforcement and growth. I also use this author's pronunciation book and conjugation books - which are accompanied by audios and videos - through her website Highly recommend this and her other products for honing French reading, speaking and writing!
Sir Shopsalot
Sir Shopsalot
Another Excellent Book
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I moved to France knowing no French. Dylane’s books and videos have been my lifeline. This latest book is no exception. The stories relate to real life, so they are useful in everyday life. The glossary includes the genders. This is incredibly important, because proper sentence construction depends on knowing genders. I have used workbooks that don’t include this key information and you spend half your time looking up words for their genders. I don’t need to know how to look up a word, I need to know the gender!! Dylane understands what is important. The questions are helpful and it is so convenient to have the questions and answers right after the reading, no flipping to the back of the book and again to the front. Time-saving, once again. Finally, the audio is done in Dylane’s typical style. Her slowly and clearly executed sentences make it easy to understand and practice repeating. This ticks all the boxes: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. It is an incredibly good value and I highly recommend it for anyone who has a basic level (end of A1) French.
Kesia M Gonzalez
Kesia M Gonzalez
Brilliant Book!
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The highlighted vocabulary lists and questions are so helpful for the retention of the learning material. This is my fifth book from Dylane and all her books just keeps getting better and better. Dylane is the BEST!
Mr S R Barrett
Excellent book
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Another great book from Dylane. A collection of short stories around the A2/B1 level. The inclusion of exercises and downloadable audio makes it a great all round package to improve your French reading and listening.
Elaine Greener
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I have recently purchased French Short Stories and I love it! The fact it isn’t just a straight forward book boring book to read is ideal for someone like myself who is learning to speak French as a necessity after having moved to France. I am limiting myself to reading one story per day as suggested by Dylane and I look forward to my daily fix. I love the fact there is a quiz after each story and also you can obtain the audio to go with it. The story is also written in English to help you if you get stuck. All in all a fantastic book and excellent value for the price. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking for a more interesting way to learn French.


This book is suitable for higher beginners. Knowing sentence structure in French is necessary to be able to use this book. 

I don’t ship books bought from this website, but Amazon does. On my website, you can get the PDF which is an instant download.

Yes, the audio is free to download. The link to download the audio is in the preface of the book. 

The book is available on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and can be ordered from any bookstore in the world.

French Short Stories is available in bookstores but you might have to ask them to order it.

Yes! My next book will be a long story book. Each story will be 2500 words long. Stay tuned for more! 

Absolutely! I will be back to writing more textbooks soon.

Unfortunately no. Since the PDF version is an instant download, I don’t offer refunds. 

The artist behind the illustrations is Natalie. You can find her @Natalie.toot on Instagram. She has been amazing to work with.

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