The Perfect French with Dylane

Complete French Grammar



Learn French grammar in one course!

This French Grammar course includes:

  • 7 chapters
  • 47 video lessons
  • A book including 200 exercises
  • Free audios of the examples

This course starts by analyzing a simple sentence made of basic parts of speech: subject + verb + article + noun.

Each point will bring one more element to the sentence. Suddenly, you reach an advanced level without even thinking about it! How wonderful is that?

This course / book is easy to follow with the 47 video lessons that I have uploaded to on my YouTube channel. You can follow along the lessons and pause the videos and do the exercises as we advance in the book.Β 


How to Build a Sentence in French // French Grammar Course Lesson 1 πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Free Preview of The Complete French Grammar Course


Kesia M Gonzalez
Top-notch Grammar Book
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I have spent so much money on other grammar books and don’t even come as good as expected. I can’t say it enough. Dylane is the BEST!
Amazon Customer
Perfect for how want to learn French
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The book is very detailed, the teacher and videos are very good and help a lot. Also the teacher is mother language and this is important to improve your pronunciation.
Quality and Authenticity!!
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Wonderful comprehensive guide to French grammar. The work that Dylan’s poured into this book comes through on every page. I can’t believe she took the time to record the pronunciation for every example and exercise in the course. So helpful to listen to a native speaker, and the exercise really get you thinking in the target language. Highly recommend.
Andrea Sosa Fontaine
Great to help learn French fluency
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It tied one of those apps to learn French which is great for getting around on a trip, but I’m trying to gain fluency for future employment opportunities. This book is fantastic to help me on that way. Only 1/3 through, but love the format, and exercises and the authors’ videos online are wonderful!
Hao Lin
Fabulous Instructor and This is an Excellent Grammar Guide to Accompany the Videos
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Terrific book -- thank you so much for writing it! Have tried learning the language for 40+ years, and your videos are comprehensive, thoughtful and most importantly, fun! This grammar book is well organized and much appreciated. Thank you.
Ed Hopton
Finally a French Teacher Who Makes Sense!
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I took French in school beginning in the 7th grade. That was in 1970 and poor Mme. Le Fessant had her hands full with a class full of 13 old boys who had their minds on many things other than learning a language! At least that was the case with me. I started learning French again last year using Duolingo. That's fine as far as it goes, but it's not easy to review what I've learned, and I need to understand the structure behind what I'm learning. For me, that means using a book that explains why something works and allows me to easily review what I've learned. Not knowing better, I bought the grammar course first because I was looking for that structure. Now I see from Dylane's self-study guide that I should learn pronunciation first, so I just bought that book too. Along with the conjugation course, I expect this to be a comprehensive approach to learning the language. I've only just started the grammar course, but already I see that it has the structure that I was looking for. When supplemented with the on-line video lessons and audio files, you get everything you need to master French. And Dylane is very charming and engaging. You want to listen to her, and she makes you want to learn. Maybe this old dog can learn a few new tricks after all.
Amie King
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I think I have all of Dylane's materials. Literally, all of them! I NEVER NEVER EVER write reviews about anything, but I am making an exception here. Her books and materials are absolutely excellent. Do not hesitate!!
Mr S R Barrett
Another Great Book from Dylane
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This book accompanies Dylane's online French Grammar Course available on YouTube and is great as the book includes additional examples on each grammar point as well as exercises to test your understanding of each lesson. My Frech Grammar has definitely improved as a result of reading this book and I will continue to be my go to resource in the future, when I need a refresher on any specific French grammar points.
The best French course in the world!!!
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Dylane is an extraordinary teacher, she organizes the French language in such a way that she makes it totally clear and accessible to everyone. Since I follow her lessons on YouTube along with her books, I have advanced enormously in my learning and every day I like French more. Thank you Dylane for your hard work!!! I highly recommend everything Dylane teach.


This book is suitable for beginners. It will teach you how to build a basic sentence and grow from there.

I don’t ship books bought from this website, but Amazon does. On my website, you can get the PDF which is an instant download.

Yes, the audio is free to download. The link to download the audio is in the preface of the book.Β 

This course includes 47 lessons.

The video-lessons are free to watch on YouTube. The book and the audio are available for purchase.

The book is available on Amazon as a Paperback and Kindle. The PDF version is also available. here on my website.

You can access all of the video lessons above or on my YouTube channel.

Yes, besides all of the courses I have already created, I will continue to create them to help you master French.
Unfortunately no. Since the PDF version is an instant download, I don’t offer refunds.Β 

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