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The 1st thing you should learn in French – French Pronunciation!

French pronunciation finally explained step by step!

This course includes:

  • 55 video lessons
  • 105 recordings to practice
  • A book / eBook

Why should you start with French pronunciation?

Spoken French and written French are very different. We don’t pronounce all the letters and we use letter combinations to make different sounds.

Even if your goal isn’t to speak French like a native French speaker, learning the pronunciation first will help you understand how words are built, the spelling, and of course, it will increase your ability to understand spoken French.

This course / book is easy to follow with the 55 video lessons that I uploaded on my YouTube channel. In these video lessons, I give you all my little tips and tricks for an easy pronunciation. You can follow along with the lessons and practice your listening skills with the 105 recordings included.


The French alphabet for beginners | French pronunciation course | Lesson 1/55


Christine V.
A must have !
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The material presented in this book, along with the 55 video lessons available for free on YouTube, makes for a very effective way to learn proper pronunciation of French words. Dylane, the author/teacher, also provides many helpful clues, tips, and suggestions to help identify conditions that will affect the pronunciation of certain letters, and combination of letters. It helps solve the mystery of "why" a word is pronounced as it is. Dylane is a dedicated teacher, and her love to share her beautiful language is evident.
Charlotte in CA
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A+ for this author! This series of books, coupled with the audios and videos, is très extraordinaire! Dylane is masterful at explaining the nuances of the French language. Her pronunciation book and videos are concise yet thorough with great examples of everything from silent letters to vowel blends. I've done both of her conjugation books and am going back through with the accompanying audios so I can pronounce everything in those books properly. I highly recommend this book, this series, and this author!
Andrew Greenfield MD
Well done and well worth it whether one is a self learner or uses it as an adjunct to French course!
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This book is meant to accompany 55 video lessons, available for free on YouTube and on the author's website: The author is a native speaker and the videos themselves, enhanced by the book, are a great way to learn proper French pronunciation. The author gives, many hints or tips and explains how certain conditions--adjacent letters or letter combinations--affect pronunciation. There are listening exercises which help one learn to distinguish between similar but different sounds--ie. dessus and dessous which can sound almost identical to an English speaker but have opposite meanings in French. Some sounds have no true English equivalent and one must be able to hear the subtle difference in pronunciation in order to be able to make it. She has a passion for teaching her language which clearly comes through and is receptive to questions.
Amie King
Absolute Necessity
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This pronunciation book and the audios are the absolute best for really practicing pronunciation. I can't tell you how helpful having the IPA symbols are as well. I FINALLY can distinguish some of the vowels I've always had trouble with. Plus, she is so friendly! I had to email to re-download a book and she responded so promptly and we began a conversation about the difference in some regional accents in French. I just can't say enough good things about her materials!
User 10293729322
Very Clear
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Very clear explanations, I am an absolute beginner, been studying French for 3 months, then I realized that I need to learn the right pronunciation before going further into french, it would be much more difficult to correct your pronunciation if you waited for later on, I bought the other 3 books also, I would be reviewing them one by one when I am done with this book, you need this book, spare yourself the suffering and buy it early.
Excellent companion to You Tube pronunciation course
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This book really helps me remember what I'm learning in the You Tube course. I like having somewhere to take notes. Highly recommend!
Amazon Customer
Easy to use
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Absolutely great to understand the rules of pronunciation for the French language.
Kindle Customer
Excellent French pronunciation lesson!
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The author is French and this book is together with her amazing free Youtube lesson. She teaches very clearly and completely, and is famous for her well-organized online French lessons. After going through all the lessons in 3 days, I feel more confident with French pronunciation.


This course includes 55 lessons.

All the 55 lessons are available on my YouTube channel and free to watch. Only the book and the listening practices are available for purchase.

The book is available on Amazon as a Paperback and Kindle. The PDF version is also available. 

You can access all of the video lessons above or on my YouTube channel.

Yes! I have a lot of courses coming up in 2021-2022 including grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, genders and numbers, and many more.

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