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The French Subjunctive Made Easy!

*** Beginners can use the French Conjugation Textbook – The French Subjunctive! but I recommend having a slightly higher level ***

French conjugation can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you start using the French subjunctive.

French Conjugation Textbook – The French Subjunctive will guide you step-by-step to understand how to conjugate all the French verbs in the subjunctive and when to use it.

French Conjugation Textbook – The French Subjunctive includes:
– 5 chapters & 50 exercises with solutions
– 1 video lesson
– Audio of all the examples, lists, and exercises
– Glossary of all the verbs, impersonal expressions, and conjunctions, taking the subjunctive with examples

Learn how to:
– Conjugate a French verb in the French present subjunctive
– Conjugate a French verb in the French past subjunctive
– When to use the French present & past subjunctive
– How to avoid the French subjunctive

The examples used in this French Textbook are easy to understand and inspired by everyday life.

Do you need a teacher approach to understand better? Watch the video lesson included in this textbook.
Do you understand better with audio files? Download the free audio of all the examples used in this book and practice your listening skills!

The uses of the French subjunctive won’t have any secret for you after this textbook! Get your copy now!

The French Subjunctive Made Easy - Complete French Conjugation Course

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Thorough Review of French Grammar
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Dylane delivers each lesson with delightful energy reflecting her enthusiasm for teaching all the grammatical components of the French language. It’s a privilege to have Dylane as our professor. Merci.
Great book on Frenh subjunctive
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This is one of the best books of its type I've come across. Well set out, with clear and uncomplicated explanations of the subjunctive and its conjugations. Dylane has produced a great reference book at a great price....I don't see many people being disappointed with theirpurchase.
Andrew Greenfield MD
Extremely well done.
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Like all of her other books this is extremely well done. It is well organized with clear explanations and plenty of examples and exercises to hone one's skills. There is a short glossary of grammatical terms at the beginning for those who might need it and a video which is free to download. The subjunctive--how and when to use it--has always created some anxiety and frustration for English speakers and those whose native languages either do not have a subjunctive mood or have one that is far less rich than in French and the other romance languages. This book not only teaches the necessary basics of conjugation but goes a long way toward relieving that anxiety and frustration. It is well worth the price!
Great review of French verbs
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I was a French major in high school and a minor in college. This is a wonderful review of vocabulary and sentence construction!
Excellent book
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A good book to help focus on the subjunctive and worth getting. Her online videos have been super helpful too.
French Subjunctive Textbook


This book covers a very specific French tense and is more suitable for high beginners, low intermediates. 

I don’t ship books bought from this website, but Amazon does. On my website, you can get the PDF which is an instant download.

Yes, the audio is free to download. The link to download the audio is in the preface of the book. 

This course includes 1 video lesson (90 minutes)

The video-lesson is free to watch on YouTube. The book and the audio are available for purchase.

The book is available on Amazon as a Paperback and Kindle. The PDF version is also available. here on my website.

You can access the video lesson above or on my YouTube channel.

Yes, besides all of the courses I have already created, I will continue to create them to help you master French.
Unfortunately no. Since the PDF version is an instant download, I don’t offer refunds. 

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