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25 French and English False Friends

25 French and English False Friends

In this French lesson, we will be discussing 25 French and English False Friends –verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and how to properly use them.

False friends are words that appear to have similar meanings in two languages, but in reality, have different meanings. These false friends can often lead to confusion and misunderstandings, which is why it’s essential to understand the differences between them.

In this lesson, we’ll explore how to use verbs such as “assister” and “attendre,” adverbs such as “actuellement” and “éventuellement,” adjectives like “grave,” and nouns such as “une librairie” and “du pain.”

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a better understanding of how to properly use false friends in French and in English in their appropriate contexts.

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25 French and English False Friends


Assister – To attend

To assist – Aider

On a assisté à la réunion hier.
We attended the meeting yesterday.

L’infirmier aidera le médecin pendant la chirurgie.
The nurse will assist the doctor during the surgery.

Attendre - To wait

To attend - Assister

Attends-moi s’il te plaît.
Wait for me, please.

J’ai eu la chance d’assister à son dernier concert.
I had the chance to attend his last concert.

Blesser - To injure - To hurt

To bless - Bénir

Le conducteur a été blessé dans l’accident.
The driver was injured in the accident.

Que Dieu te bénisse !
God bless you!

Charger - To load

To charge - Facturer

Est-ce que tu peux m’aider à charger la voiture ?
Can you help me load the car?

Combien est-ce qu’ils t’ont facturé ?
How much did they charge you?

Choquer - To shock

To choke - S'étouffer

Je suis choquée !
I am shocked !

J’ai failli m’étouffer.
I nearly choked.

Demander - To ask

To demand - Exiger

J’ai oublié de lui demander.
I forgot to ask him.

Il exige que tu lui rendes les clés.
He demands that you return the keys to him.

Rester - To stay

To rest - Se reposer

 On est restés à la plage toute la journée.
We stayed at the beach all day.

On s’est reposés après avoir nagé.
We rested after swimming.

Supporter - To tolerate

To support - Soutenir

Elle ne le supporte pas.
She can’t tolerate him. She can’t stand him.

Il a toujours soutenu sa femme dans ses projets.
He always supported his wife in her projects.


Actuellement - Now - Currently

Actually - En fait

Je vis actuellement en Europe.
I currently live in Europe.

En fait, il n’a jamais appelé.
Actually, he never called.

Éventuellement - Possibly

Eventually - Finalement

On pourra éventuellement en parler plus tard.
We can possibly talk about that later.

Il a finalement accepté notre offre d’achat.
He eventually accepted our offer to purchase.


Grave - Serious

A grave - Une tombe

Est-ce que c’est grave ?
Is it serious?

On a mis des fleurs sur la tombe.
We put flowers on the grave.


Des baskets - Trainers

A basket - Un panier

Est-ce que tu as vu mes baskets ?
Have you seen my trainers?

Le panier est plein de papiers à trier.
The basket is full of papers to be sorted.

Un bras - An arm

A bra - Un soutien-gorge

Tu as toujours mal au bras ?
Do you still have arm pain?

Elle a acheté un nouveau soutien-gorge.
She bought a new bra.

Un car - A bus

A car - Une voiture

La climatisation du car était en panne.
The bus’ air conditioning was broken.

Sa voiture ne démarre plus.
His car won’t start.

La chair - The flesh

A chair - Une chaise

On pouvait voir sa chair à cause de sa blessure.
We could see his flesh because of his wound.

On va avoir besoin de plus de chaises.
We’re gonna need more chairs.

Un coin - A corner

A coin - Une pièce

Le fauteuil irait mieux dans le coin.
The armchair would fit better in the corner.

Est-ce que tu as une pièce pour le caddie ?
Do you have a coin for the shopping cart?

La figure - The face

The figure - La silhouette

Tu as du chocolat plein la figure.
You have chocolate all over your face.

Avec ta silhouette tu peux tout porter.
With your figure you can wear anything.

Un habit - A piece of clothing

A habit - Une habitude

Mes habits ne sont pas secs.
My clothes are not dry.

Fumer est une mauvaise habitude.
Smoking is a bad habit.

Une journée - A day

A journey - Un voyage

Quelle journée interminable !
What an endless day!

Ce voyage est passé vite.
This journey went by quickly.

La lecture - Reading

A lecture - Une conférence - Un cours

Elle a toujours aimé la lecture.
She has always loved reading.

La conférence commence dans une heure.
The lecture starts in an hour.

Une librairie - A bookstore

A library - Une bibliothèque

La librairie a reçu mon livre.
The bookstore received my book.

Elle loue ses livres à la bibliothèque.
She rents her books from the library.

Une location - A rental

A location - Un lieu

La location de son appartement lui permet de bien vivre.
The rental of his apartment allows him to live well.

Est-ce que tu connais le lieu du mariage ?
Do you know the location of the wedding?

Du pain - Bread

Pain - La douleur

On mange du pain tous les jours.
We eat bread every day.

Tout à coup, j’ai ressenti une forte douleur d’estomac.
Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

Une partie - A part - A game

A party - Une fête

Est-ce que vous voulez jouer une partie ?
Do you want to play a game?

Cette fête était un vrai succès.
This party was a real success.

Un raisin - A grape

A raisin - Un raisin sec

Elle est allergique aux raisins.
She is allergic to grapes.

Il n’aime pas les raisins secs dans les gâteaux.
He doesn’t like raisins in cakes.

There you have it! 25 false friends to avoid when speaking French!

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