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French Masculine Nouns Ending in ET

French Masculine Nouns Ending in ET

In French, nouns are either masculine or feminine. While it’s always better to study French vocabulary with the right gender, some endings are specific to masculine or feminine, with a couple of exceptions. In this article, we are looking at masculine nouns ending in ETDon’t forget to use the audio to get the pronunciation right and to download your free PDF at the bottom of the page. 

French Masculine Nouns Ending in ET

L’alphabet | the alphabet
Un beignet | doughnut
Un bidet | a bidet
Un billet | a ticket
Un bonnet | a beanie
Un bouquet | a bouquet
Un bracelet | bracelet
Un briquet | a lighter
Un budget | a budget
Un buffet | a buffet
Un cachet | a pill
Le cadet | the youngest
Un chalet | a cabin
Un chevalet | an easel
Un corset | a corset
Un crochet | a hook
Un déchet | a waste
Un duvet | a duvet
Un fouet | a whisk
Un galet | a pebble
Un gilet | a cardigan
Un gobelet | a cup
Un guichet | a ticket booth
Le hoquet | hiccup
Un jouet | a toy
Un lacet | a shoelace
Le mollet | calf
Le muguet | lily of the valley
Un navet | a turnip
Un objet | an object
Un paquet | a package
Le parquet | wooden floor
Un perroquet | a parrot
Le poignet | wrist
Un poulet | a chicken
Un projet | a project
Un regret | a regret
Un robinet | a faucet
Un secret | a secret
Un sifflet | a whistle
Un signet | a bookmark
Un sommet | a summit
Un sorbet | a sorbet
Un sujet | a subject
Un tabouret | a stool
Un ticket | a ticket
Un trajet | a journey
Le violet | purple
Un volet | a shutter

Other Endings of French Masculine Nouns

There you have it! French masculine nouns ending in ET.

Remember that while this helps, you should always study French vocabulary with its gender.

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