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French Masculine Nouns Ending in AGE

French Masculine Nouns Ending in AGE

In French, nouns are either masculine or feminine. While it’s always better to study French vocabulary with the right gender, some endings are specific to masculine or feminine, with a couple of exceptions. In this article, we are looking at French masculine nouns ending in AGE. Don’t forget to use the audio to get the pronunciation right and to download your free PDF at the bottom of the page. 

French Masculine Nouns Ending in -AGE

Un affichage | a display
L’âge | age
Un apprentissage | learning
L’atterrissage | landing
Un bagage | a baggage
Un balayage | a balayage
Un bandage | a band aid
Le bavardage | talking
Le bronzage | tan
Le chômage | unemployement
Un coloriage | a coloring
Un coquillage | a seashell
Le décollage | take off
Un détartrage | a cleaning
Un étage | a floor
Le fromage | cheese
Un garage | a garage
Le gaspillage | waste
Un gilet de sauvetage | a life jacket
Le maquillage | makeup
Le mariage | the marriage
Un marque page | a bookmark
Le ménage | household chores
Un nuage | a cloud
Un orage | a storm
Un otage | an hostage
Le paysage | the landscape
Un plombage | a filling
Un potage | a soup
Le recyclage | recycling
Un sac de couchage | a sleeping bag
Un stage | an internship
Le surdosage | overdosage
Un village | a village
Un virage | a turn
Le visage | the face
Le voltage | the voltage
Un voyage | a travel

une page | a page
une plage | a beach

Other Endings of French Masculine Nouns

There you have it! French masculine nouns ending in AGE.

Remember that while this helps, you should always study French vocabulary with its gender.

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