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French Listening Test

If you need a little challenge in French, this French Listening Test is perfect for you! 20 sentences with a missing word in French and in English so you can’t just translate the English word.

Listen to the French sentences twice, write down the answer on the free PDF and check your answers at the end of the PDF.

Free PDF at the bottom of the page with the answers.

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Let's start this French Listening Test

1. Je vais au __________ pour faire du shopping.
I am going to the __________ to go shopping.

2. Ma sœur __________ à Paris.
My sister __________ in Paris.

3. J’aime écouter de la musique __________  je fais du sport.
I like listening to music __________ I do sports

4. Hier, nous avons visité le __________ d’Orsay à Paris.
Yesterday, we visited the Orsay __________in Paris.

5. Les étudiants doivent étudier __________ pour réussir leurs examens.
Students need to study __________ to pass their exams.

6. Le chat est en train de dormir __________ le canapé.
The cat is sleeping __________ the couch.

7. J’aime boire une tasse de __________ chaud avant de me coucher.
I like drinking a cup of hot __________ before going to bed.

8. Mes parents ont acheté une nouvelle __________ pour la famille.
My parents bought a new __________ for the family.

9. J’ai besoin d’acheter des __________ pour mon jardin.
I need to buy __________ for my garden.

10. Nous allons passer nos vacances __________ la plage cet été.
We will spend our vacation __________the beach this summer.

11. Elle adore regarder des __________ de science-fiction.
She loves watching science fiction __________.

12. J’ai besoin d’acheter du pain et du __________ au supermarché.
I need to buy bread and __________ at the supermarket.

13. Ma sœur a un rendez-vous chez le __________ demain matin.
My sister has a __________ ‘s appointment tomorrow morning.

14. On va chez le __________ pour nous faire couper les cheveux.
We go to the __________ to get our hair cut.

15. Je vais prendre le __________ pour me rendre à l’école.
I will take the __________to go to school.

16. Mon frère a gagné un __________ de tennis hier.
My brother won a tennis __________ yesterday.

17. J’aime lire des __________ d’aventure avant de dormir.
I enjoy reading adventure __________ before sleeping.

18. Je dois commander des __________ pour mes cours de peinture.
I need to order __________ for my painting classes.

19. On a acheté un __________
We bought a __________ apartment.

20. Ma sœur va __________ étudier à l’université.
My sister will be studying __________at the university.

I hope you enjoyed this French Listening Practice. Let me know in the comments if you would like more. 

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    1. This was fantastic! Very fun and just what I have been looking for to test my knowledge!!
      More please!! Thanks for all the content you put out.

    2. Hi Dylane, I love these listening tests, they’re really great. I got 14 correct for this one and I learnt some new vocabulary. It’s great being able to practise the pronunciation in the 10 seconds before the answer appears.
      Merci Dylane.

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