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French Short Stories – Volume 2

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French Short Stories – Volume 2

Thirty French Short Stories for Beginners to Improve your French Vocabulary

You loved “French Short Stories: Volume 1” and asked for more stories! Here it is! Your new French book for beginners and intermediates – “French Short Stories: Volume 2“!

Improve your French with 30 easy French stories for beginners and intermediates.
30 brand-new, easy-to-read French stories designed to enhance your French skills. Just like in Volume 1, each story in this volume covers everyday topics, ranging from travel and friendship to family and more. Written in a clear and concise manner, these stories are tailor-made for learners looking to expand their French vocabulary and comprehension.

Written by an experienced French teacher, “French Short Stories: Volume 2” maintains the same user-friendly format that made the first volume a hit. With carefully crafted questions and answers accompanying each story, you’ll have ample opportunities to test your understanding and solidify your grasp of the language. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to reading one story, and you’ll witness remarkable progress in your French proficiency within a month!

Each chapter includes:
– A French short story easily readable with only 250 words and highlighted focused vocabulary to learn faster.
– The English translation of each story.
– Focused vocabulary including parts of speech, in French and in English.
– Multiple choice questions for beginners.
– Short answer questions for intermediate.
But not only! At the end of the book, you will find a French-English glossary of all the highlighted vocabulary in the stories.

Improve your listening skills
Each story has been recorded in slow and clear French by a native French speaker (me).
Download the audio of all the stories for free 
and start improving your French listening skills today.


Free Preview of French Short Stories

Please note that the PDF and the Paperback/Hardcopy have different layouts because of page size.
Only the PDF has coloured illustrations.

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Kesia M Gonzalez
Magnificent Book!
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I loved volume #1 and this new book volume #2 surpassed my expectations! I am so grateful to Dylane! Her dedication and commitment to delivering high quality courses and books for us French learners is amazing. Improve your French language skills now and get your two volumes. It’s well worth it.
Mr S R Barrett
Another great book from Dylane
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Another great book from Dylane, in short, if you liked the first book of short stories by Dylane then volume 2 is another must buy. The short stories will allow you to practice your reading skills, the free audio will help you improve your listen skills and the long-form questions after each stories will help you improve your writing skills so 3 of the 4 core skills are covered in this one book.
Great Teacher
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I have the first book and I am still reading through it, I really like the stories and the exercises afterwards along with the audio. I was excited to see her come out with a second book. I have glanced through it and downloaded the audio, so I am ready to keep moving forward with my French learning.
Christine V.
Another Gem By Dylane
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This book continues where Dylane's first "French Short Stories" book left off. While enjoying listening to & reading each story, one acquires rich vocabulary (plus all the other goodies) in context, as well as the ability to practice proper pronunciation with the aid of the downloadable audio. Dylane, your work, time & talent to provide us with quality learning/acquiring materials is greatly appreciated.
Jefferson Z.
This book is really suited for beginners and has so much vocabulary
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The first volume has really shaped my French skills , I loved everything about the book especially the drawings. The comprehension question are also really great for helping you learn French and for resting information.
David J Macklin
Ideal for beginners!
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I have been studying French with Dylane for a couple of years and I have purchased everyone of her study books. She has been instrumental in keeping me motivated to learn French and I have come so far in my journey. This latest book of Short Stories is a perfect way to test ones knowledge and the blessing for me it uses everyday French language. The fact I understand it all, and for the most part, i answer all the questions correctly is a testament to Dylane's teaching skills. She understands what her students need to progress. I really recommend this book to any beginner!
Graham W
Helps to get familiar with a difficult language to lear.
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Book two is helpful in getting one familiar with hearing French spoken. There is no quick way, but I have found reading and listening to this book with the help of Hugo French in three months is helping.
Karen S.
Perfect for beginners
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The short stories are interesting, a vocabulary list follows each story with key words, and the English translation helps me make sure I read and understood it correctly, download the audio to listen to the author read each story, I highly recommend this book, I also now follow the author, Dylan Moreau on her You Tube Channel and am learning so much more, was glad when I heard she has a Volume 2.
Morgan & Milo
Engaging and Educational
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After thoroughly enjoying Volume 1, I was thrilled to discover "French Short Stories: Volume 2" by Dylane Moreau. I opted for the Kindle edition and found it to be an equally captivating and educational read, designed to enhance French language skills for beginners and intermediates. Pros: Well-Crafted Stories: The book comprises 30 new stories, each succinct (about 4-6 paragraphs) and covering a range of relatable topics like travel, friendship, and family. This makes the learning process enjoyable and practical. Bilingual Format: Each story is followed by an English translation. I try to challenge myself by not referring to the translation unless absolutely necessary, which greatly aids in improving my comprehension skills. Effective Learning Tools: The inclusion of a vocabulary list, comprehension questions, and short answer exercises at the end of each story is immensely helpful. They ensure not only understanding of the content but also retention of new words and phrases. User-Friendly Approach: Similar to the first volume, this book maintains a clear, concise, and learner-friendly format, making it accessible for those at beginner and intermediate levels. Progressive Learning: By dedicating just 15 minutes a day to reading a story, I've noticed significant improvement in my French vocabulary and overall language comprehension. Cons: As of now, I have no negative feedback. The book has met and exceeded my expectations as a language learning tool. In summary, I highly recommend "French Short Stories: Volume 2" by Dylane Moreau to anyone looking to improve their French in an enjoyable, efficient, and structured way. It's a delightful blend of entertainment and education, ideal for both beginners and intermediate learners.


This book is suitable for higher beginners. Knowing sentence structure in French is necessary to be able to use this book. 

I don’t ship books bought from this website, but Amazon does. On my website, you can get the PDF which is an instant download.

Yes, the audio is free to download. The link to download the audio is in the preface of the book. 

The book is available on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and can be ordered from any bookstore in the world.

French Short Stories is available in bookstores but you might have to ask them to order it.

Yes! My next book will be a long story book. Each story will be 2500 words long. Stay tuned for more! 

Absolutely! I will be back to writing more textbooks soon.

Unfortunately no. Since the PDF version is an instant download, I don’t offer refunds. 

The artist behind the illustrations is Natalie. You can find her @Natalie.toot on Instagram. She has been amazing to work with.

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