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Weights and Metrics in French

Weights and Metrics in French

In French, nouns are either masculine or feminine. While it’s always better to study French vocabulary with the right gender, some endings are specific to masculine or feminine, with a couple of exceptions. In this article, we are looking at Weights and Metrics in French. Don’t forget to use the audio to get the pronunciation right and to download your free PDF at the bottom of the page. 

Weights and Metrics in French

Weights and Metrics in French

Un milligramme | a milligram
Un gramme | a gram
Un kilo(gramme) | a kilo
Un millilitre | a milliliter
Un litre | a liter

Une tonne | a ton

Other Endings of French Masculine Nouns

There you have it! Weights and metrics in French.

Remember that while this helps, you should always study French vocabulary with its gender.

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