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French Masculine Languages

French Masculine Languages

In French, nouns are either masculine or feminine. While it’s always better to study French vocabulary with the right gender, some endings are specific to masculine or feminine, with a couple of exceptions. In this article, we are looking at French masculine languages. Don’t forget to use the audio to get the pronunciation right and to download your free PDF at the bottom of the page. 

French Masculine Languages

L’allemand | German
L’amharique | Amharic
L’anglais | English
L’arabe | Arabic
L’arabe soudanais | Sudanis Arabic
Le bulgare
| Bulgarian
Le coréen
| Korean
Le créole
| Creole
Le danois
| Danish
Le dari
| The dari
L’espagnol | Spanish
Le finlandais | Finnish
Le flamand
| Flemish
Le français
| French
Le grec
| Greek
L’haoussa | Hausa
| Hindi
Le hongrois
| Hungarian
L’indonésien | Indonesian
L’italien | Italian
Le japonais
| Japanese
Le khmer
| Khmer
Le luxembourgeois
 | Luxembourgish
Le malais
| Malay
Le mandarin
| Mandarin
Le mongol
| Mongolian
Le néerlandais
| Dutch
Le népalais
| Nepali
Le norvégien
| Norweigian
L’ourdou | Urdu
Le perse
| Persian
Le polonais
| Polish
Le portugais
| Portugese
Le roumain | Romanian
Le russe
| Russian
Le serbe
| Serbian
Le suédois
| Swedish
Le tagalog
| Tagalog
Le tamarin
| Tamarind
Le thaï
| Thai
Le turc
| Turkish
L’ukrainien | Ukrainian
Le vietnamien | Vietnamese
Le wolof
| Wolof

Other Endings of French Masculine Nouns

There you have it! French masculine languages.

Remember that while this helps, you should always study French vocabulary with its gender.

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