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Learn French Vocabulary Faster – 5 French Words Around The Word OREILLE

Learning French vocabulary can be either easy if your language is similar to French, or a complete nightmare.

How to learn French vocabulary faster?

Form my experience with many students from different backgrounds, no matter what is your first language, the best way to learn French vocabulary is too learn by word families.

5 French Words Around The Word OREILLE

Instead of learning one word by one word (which can make your learning experience last forever), always learn by word families. I learned English vocabulary this way as an adult, I had a full-time job at that time, I had a lot of hobbies, and I still managed to learn English by myself. If I was able to do it, you will too! Let’s see an example with the word OREILLE  Ear


Une oreille                                      An ear


Un oreiller                                      A pillow


Un cache-oreilles                          Earmuffs


Une oreillette                                A headset


Une boucle d’oreille                     An earring

Don’t forget to learn the gender of nouns when you learn French vocabulary.

What about other words?

If you want to know more about this method, I wrote a book with the most common word families. You can learn up to 2500 words of French vocabulary.

So here you have it, in one minute you learned something new in French. If you want to learn the pronunciation, check out the video below.

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