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Voir que - French subjunctive?

Does voir que take the French subjunctive?

Yes and no!

Voir que is followed by the French subjunctive only in negative sentences and in questions with inversion.
In affirmative sentences, the verb is conjugated in the indicative.


Voir que – To see that

Affirmative: Il voit que tu as fait des efforts.
He sees that you have made an effort.

Negation: Il ne voit pas que tu aies fait des efforts.
He does not see that you have made an effort.

Question with inversion: Voit-il que tu aies fait des efforts?
Does he see that you have made an effort?

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More French Subjunctive

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Avoir l’impression que
To have the impression that

Espérer que
To hope that

Estimer que
To estimate that

Il est vrai que
C’est vrai que
It’s true that

Prétendre que
To pretend that

Savoir que
To know that

Signifier que
To mean that

Vouloir dire que
To mean that

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