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French Feminine Nouns Ending in ALE

French Feminine Nouns Ending in ALE

In French, nouns are either masculine or feminine. While it’s always better to study French vocabulary with the right gender, some endings are specific to masculine or feminine, with a couple of exceptions. In this article, we are looking at French feminine nouns ending in ALEDon’t forget to use the audio to get the pronunciation right and to download your free PDF at the bottom of the page. 

French Feminine Nouns Ending in ALE

French Feminine Nouns Ending in ALE

Une aurore boréale | an aurora borealis
Une cathédrale | a cathedral
Une chorale | a choir
Une cigale | a cicada
Une demi-finale | a semi-final
Une eau minérale | a mineral water
Une escale | a stop (when travelling by plane)
Une finale | a final
L’huile végétale | vegetable oil
Une pédale | a pedal
Une spirale | a spiral
Une station thermale | a spa resort
Une unité centrale | a CPU 

L’opale | opal
Un pétale | a petal

Other Endings of French Feminine Nouns

There you have it! French feminine nouns ending in ALE.

Remember that while this helps, you should always study French vocabulary with its gender.

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