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Chercher vs Chercher à in French

Chercher vs Chercher à

Today we are looking at the differences between Chercher vs Chercher à in French. An easy French grammar lesson.

Chercher will be followed by a noun – Chercher quelque chose – To look for something

Chercher à will be followed by an infinitive verb – Chercher à faire quelque chose – To try to do something.



Chercher + noun = Chercher quelque chose – To look for something – To search for something – To seek something
Here we do have a difference in sentence structure between French and English. French doesn’t take a preposition, while English does.
Let’s see some examples.

Je cherche mes clés.
I am looking for my keys.

Elle cherche un emploi depuis plusieurs mois.
She has been looking for a job for several months.

Nous cherchons un bon restaurant pour ce soir.
We are searching for a good restaurant for tonight.

Ils cherchent des informations sur ce sujet.
They are seeking information about this topic.

Vous cherchez vos lunettes de soleil.
You are looking for your sunglasses.

Ils cherchent un endroit pour se garer.
They are searching for a place to park.

Elle cherche des informations sur cette maladie rare.
She is seeking information about this rare disease.

Chercher à

Chercher à + infinitive – To try to – To attempt to

Chercher à will always be followed by an infinitive verb. The sentence structure is similar to the English ones – To try to – To attempt to 

Il cherche à améliorer son français.
He is trying to improve his French.

Elle cherche à convaincre son patron de lui donner une augmentation.
She is attempting to persuade her boss to give her a raise.

Nous cherchons à comprendre la panne.
We are trying to understand the failure.

Le chat cherche à attraper la souris.
The cat is trying to catch the mouse.

Il cherche à arrêter de fumer.
He is trying to quit smoking.

Nous cherchons à résoudre ce problème rapidement.
We are attempting to solve this problem quickly.

Elle cherche à apprendre à jouer du piano.
She is attempting to learn to play the piano.

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