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Il y a un risque que

Il y a un risque que - French subjunctive?

Does il y a un risque que take the French subjunctive?

Yes! Il y a un risque que is followed by the French subjunctive. 


Il y a un risque que – There is a risk that

Il y a un risque que le tsunami s’étende à d’autres pays.
There is a risk that the tsunami will spread to other countries.

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Nier que 
To deny that

Ordonner que 
To order that

Permettre que 
To allow that

Pour que 
So that

Proposer que 
To propose that

Quoi que

Refuser que 
To refuse that

S’en ficher que
To not care that

Supporter que 
To support that

Trouver juste que 
To find it fair that

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