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Aimer mieux que - French subjunctive?

Does aimer mieux que take the French subjunctive?

Yes! Aimer mieux que is followed by the French subjunctive. 


Aimer mieux que – To prefer that

J’aimerais mieux que tu viennes demain au lieu d’aujourd’hui.
I would prefer that you come tomorrow instead of today.

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À condition que
Provided that – if

Attendre que
To wait that

Cela me gêne que
It bothers me that

De façon que
So that

Être étonné(e) que
To be surprised that

Être surpris(e) que
To be surprised that

Il arrive que
It happens that

Il est bien que
It’s good that

Il est dommage que
It’s unfortunate that

Il est important que
It’s important that

Il est normal que
It’s normal that

Il est peu probable que
It’s unlikely that

Il est rare que
It’s rare that

Il faut que
It’s necessary that – To have to

Il semble que
It seems like

Il suffit que
It’s sufficient that – To need to

Insister pour que
To insister that

Jusqu’à ce que

Regretter que
To regret that

Se réjouir
To rejoice that

Suggérer que
To suggest that

Tenir à ce que
To want that

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