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French Conjugation Textbook – The French Subjunctive: Master The French Subjunctive in One Course




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The French Subjunctive Made Easy!

*** Beginners can use this French textbook, but I recommend having a slightly higher level.

French conjugation can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you start using the French subjunctive.

French Conjugation Textbook – The French Subjunctive will guide you step-by-step to understand how to conjugate all the French verbs in the subjunctive and when to use it.

French Conjugation Textbook – The French Subjunctive includes:

– 5 chapters & 50 exercises with solutions
– 1 video lesson
– Audio of all the examples, lists, and exercises
– Glossary of all the verbs, impersonal expressions, and conjunctions, taking the subjunctive with examples

Learn how to:

– Conjugate a French verb in the French present subjunctive
– Conjugate a French verb in the French past subjunctive
– When to use the French present & past subjunctive
– How to avoid the French subjunctive

The examples used in this French Textbook are easy to understand and inspired from everyday life.

Do you need a teacher approach to understand better? Watch the video lesson included in this textbook.

Do you understand better with audio files? Download the free audio of all the examples used in this book and practice your listening skills!

The uses of the French subjunctive won’t have any secret for you after this textbook! Get your copy now!

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