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The Complete French Vocabulary Course PDF: Learn 5000 words in context

The Complete French Vocabulary Course will help you develop your vocabulary with everyday subjects. This book explains the gender of nouns, focuses on specific subjects, and how to use the most common French prefixes and suffixes.


Product Details

Develop Your French Vocabulary with everyday topics!  This value-packed French vocabulary textbook is divided into 25 chapters, accompanied by around 200 exercise, audio and video recordings to provide you with a new dimension and flexibility to your language learning journey. I have crafted this French vocabulary guide book to introduce you to all the French you need to build your French Vocabulary and polish your sentences.

This Complete French Vocabulary Course Includes:

  • Around 200 varied exercises in 25 chapters: challenge yourself by doing various exercises after every lesson.
  • Audio and video lessons: boost your pronunciation and listening by observing the speaker and listening to the native narrator.
  • Suitable for Beginners and Intermediates.

Whether you are looking to learn French for business, travel, fun, or for a French class, this French Vocabulary textbook for beginners and intermediates will help build confidence in your French.

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About Dylane

Dylane is the owner & founder of “The perfect French with Dylane”, a YouTube channel and website where she teaches students from all around the world all the aspects of the French language.