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Plaire – Faire plaisir

Plaire - Faire plaisir

The difference of plaire and faire plaisir in 3 minutes!

Plaire and faire plaisir in French are often mistaken by French learners, as they both express positive emotions, but in different ways.

In this French lesson, we will look at the nuances of these two verbs, their meanings, and how they are used in everyday sentences with easily understandable vocabulary.

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Plaire - Faire plaisir

Plaire can be used to say that you like something or that you find something attractive.

Plaire = To like/To enjoy

Cette jupe me plaît.
I like this skirt.

C’est une idée qui lui plaît beaucoup.
It’s an idea that she likes a lot.

J’espère que le film te plaira.
I hope you will like the movie.

Cela me plaît toujours de passer mes vacances à la mer.
I always enjoy spending my vacation at the seaside.

Il est important de faire ce qui nous plaît dans la vie.
It’s important to do what you enjoy in life.

Plaire is followed by the preposition à

Ce film n’a pas plu à tout le monde.
Not everyone liked this movie.

Le cadeau plaira à ma sœur.
My sister will like the gift.

Plaire = To find attractive

Est-ce que mon ami te plaît ?
Do you like my friend? – Do you find my friend attractive?

Je pense que je lui plais.
I think she likes me. – I think she finds me attractive.

Faire plaisir is the expression that is most commonly used in French to say To please/To make someone happy.

Cela me ferait plaisir que tu viennes.
It would make me happy if you came.

Ses fleurs m’ont fait très plaisir.
Her flowers made me very happy.

J’ai acheté ce livre pour te faire plaisir.
I bought this book to make you happy.

Je vais faire plaisir à mes enfants en leur offrant une journée à Disneyland.
I’m going to make my children happy by giving them a day at Disneyland.

Recevoir des chocolats fait toujours plaisir.
Receiving chocolates always makes us happy.

L’idée de partir en vacances fait plaisir à tout le monde.
The idea of going on vacation makes everyone happy.

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