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The Little French Dictionary of Word Families

If you know me, you know that I learned English by myself a few years ago. Some methods were successful, some were not, to say the least.

One of the methods that worked incredibly well while developing my vocabulary was to learn words by families.


Learn French Vocabulary

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Let see an example in English :

A tooth / Teeth 

Why would you stop there when you can learn : 

1. A toothpaste

2. A toothbrush

3. A toothache

4. A toothpick

5. The wisdom teeth

6. The tooth fairy

7. Tooth decay

8. ….

Do you see how you can speed up your vocabulary learning in one sitting ?

Then I realized how powerful that could be to have a dictionary for people to learn the same way in French.

So I put myself to work, and I came up with this dictionary where you can learn more than 2500 words.

All the families start with a simple word that you most likely know.

Learn 11 words from “Une dent

Learn 7 words from “La cuisine

Learn 6 words from “Une histoire

Learn 5 words from “La neige

And so many more !

About Dylane

Dylane is the owner & founder of “The perfect French with Dylane”, a YouTube channel and website where she teaches students from all around the world all the aspects of the French language.