The Perfect French with Dylane

The Complete French Grammar Course: French beginners to advanced

Supercharge Your French Grammar Learning and Mastering with Easy-To-Follow Steps. The beautiful language of French can be difficult to understand. That’s why having the right guidance is key. This Complete French Grammar Course will take you through all the aspects of French grammar you need to understand. Reinforced with hundreds of hands-on realistic exercises to help you access your learning progress.



Product Details

This value-packed French grammar textbook is divided into 7 chapters, accompanied by 200 exercises and audio and video recordings to provide you with a new dimension and flexibility to your language learning journey. I have crafted this French grammar guide book to introduce you to all French grammatical concepts, knowledge and practice you need to build your French Vocabulary, polish your sentences, master the intricacies of grammar, know when to use different verb tenses, build correct sentence structures, master punctuation, and build your confidence in spoken and written French.

This Complete French Grammar Guide Provides:

  • Over 200 varied exercises: challenge yourself by doing various exercises after every lesson.
  • Clear and precise explanations: Breaks down even the most complex French principles into an easy-to-comprehend style.
  • Beginners to Advanced French Lessons: includes everything you need to learn from a beginner to an advanced French speaker
  • Audio and video lessons: Boost your pronunciation and listening by observing the speaker and listening to the native narrator.
  • A practical and targeted guide helps you build French grammar comprehension prowess in a short period.

The book also comes with YouTube video lessons that can be watched for free for the “teacher experience”, as well as the audio of all the examples and lists included in the book. The ultimate guide for better fresh compression, both spoken and written.

Whether you are looking to learn French for business, travel, fun, or a French class, this French grammar book for beginners will help build confidence in your French.

Your Journey to Learning French Grammar Starts Here, download the PDF today!

About Dylane

Dylane is the owner & founder of “The perfect French with Dylane”, a YouTube channel and website where she teaches students from all around the world all the aspects of the French language.