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French Speaking Practice: Faire de l’exercice

French Speaking Practice

Improve your French speaking skills with this easy French Speaking Practice for beginners/intermediates. All you need to do is to repeat after me and in only 15 minutes, your French will already sound better!

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    How does a French Speaking Practice work?

    How can a French Speaking Practice help you improve your French-speaking skills? 

    Let me explain. 

    All my French Speaking Practices are based on a simple method: imitation

    This is a method that you have used in the past. I can even say that you used it successfully to learn a language when you were just a child. As a child, you learn to speak by imitating the people around you. You started with one word, before repeating a group of words, and, finally a sentence.

    I am using the exact same process in this French Speaking Practice. All you need to do is to follow these 5 steps:

    1. Read the text I wrote for you 
    2. Repeat each word after me 
    3. Repeat each group of words after me 
    4. Repeat each sentence after me
    5. Read the text at the same time as me

    Click on the video down below or go to my YouTube channel to follow the lesson.

    French Speaking Practice - French

    Faire de l'exercice

    Faire de l’exercice, c’est bon pour la santé physique. On peut aussi dire faire du sport, s’entraîner, ou pratiquer une activité physique. Tout ça, c’est bon pour le cœur et pour la mobilité. Ça nous aide aussi à garder notre masse musculaire.
    Mais un des bienfaits les plus important du sport, c’est que c’est bon pour notre santé mentale. Ça aide aussi les personnes anxieuses. Finalement, c’est aussi bon pour l’estime de soi en général.

    French Speaking Practice - English

    To exercise

    Exercising is good for physical health. We can also say to “play sports,” train, or practice physical activity. All of this is good for the heart and mobility. It also helps us keep our muscle mass.

    But one of the most important benefits of sport is that it is good for our mental health. It also helps anxious people. Finally, it is also good for self-esteem in general.

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    Do you want more French Speaking Practices?

    Check out my French Speaking Practice Workshop , where you can follow 30 days of French Speaking Practices, including videos, audios, and PDFs.

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