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French Required Liaisons

French Required Liaisons - Don't Forget Them!

French liaisons can be required – optional – forbidden. Today, we are focusing on French Required Liaisons, which you can’t miss. Remember that French liaisons are made for the language to have a good flow and not sound broken. Here are the 7 required French liaisons with examples and audio.
Watch the video for the little quiz for you at the end.

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Liaisons in French include 6 different sounds: Z - T - N - V - K - R

Liaisons happen when a word ends with a consonant, and the next one starts with a vowel

In French, we have 6 different sounds made by liaisons.

S - X - Z + Vowel = the sound Z

Mes amis = Mes Zamis
My friends

Deux ans = Deux Zans
Two years

Chez elle = Chez Zelle
At hers

D - T + Vowel = the sound T

Un grand arbre = Un grand Tarbre
A tall tree

Un petit objet = Un petit Tobjet
A small object

N + Vowel = the sound N

F + Vowel = the sound V

Q + Vowel = the sound K

R + Vowel = the sound R

Le premier enfant = Le premier Renfant
The first child

The 7 cases when French Liaisons are required

French liaisons are required between: 

  • an article and a noun 
  • a number and a noun
  • an adjective and a noun
  • a pronoun and a verb
  • 2 pronouns

    And after short adverbs / prepositions / conjunctions and in some expressions

    Let’s see some examples for each situation. 

1. Between an article and a noun

Liaisons between an article and a noun are required in French.

Un homme = Un Nhomme
A man

Les enfants = Les Zenfants 
The children   

Des idées = Des Zidées
Some ideas

2. Between a number and a noun

Liaisons between a number and a noun are required in French.

Deux oiseaux = Deux Zoiseaux
Two birds

Trois éléphants = Trois Zéléphants 
Three elephants

Six ans = Six Zans
Six years

3. Between an adjective and a noun

Liaisons between an adjective and a noun are required in French.

Un petit œuf = Un petit Tœuf
A little egg

Mes achats – Mes Zachats
My purchases

De beaux yeux – De beaux Zyeux
Beautiful eyes

4. Between a pronoun and a verb

Liaisons between a pronoun and a verb are required in French.

Vous allez = Vous Zallez
You are going

J’en aurai = J’en Naurai
I will have some

On a acheté = On Na acheté
We bought

5. Between 2 pronouns

Liaisons between 2 pronouns are required in French.

Ils y seront = Ils Zy seront
They will be there

Nous en aurons – Nous Zen Naurons
We will have some

Vous en parlerez – Vous Zen parlerez
You will talk about it

6. After short adverbs / conjunctions / prepositions

Liaisons after short adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions are required in French.

Nous sommes bien arrivés = Nous sommes bien Narrivés
We arrived safely

Ce pull est très abordable = Ce pull est très Zabordable
This sweater is very affordable

Je suis chez elle = Je suis chez Zelle
I am at hers

7. In some expressions

Finally, liaisons in some expressions are required as well. 

De temps en temps = De temps Zen temps
From time to time

De plus en plus = De plus Zen plus
More and more

Plus ou moins = Plus Zou moins
More or less

C’est-à-dire = C’est-Tà-dire
That is to say

Quand est-ce que … = Quand Test-ce que …
When …

Comment allez-vous ? = Comment Tallez-vous ?
How are you?

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