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French Forbidden Liaisons

French Forbidden Liaisons

French liaisons can be required – optional – forbidden. Today, we are focusing on French Forbidden Liaisons, which you should never pronounce. Here are the 9 forbidden French liaisons with examples and audio.

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The 9 cases when French Liaisons are forbidden

French liaisons are forbidden: 

– Before H aspiré – H aspiré acting as a consonant

– Before Onze – eleven

– After a proper noun

– After a singular noun

– After Et – and 

– After Comment – how

– After Combien – how much / how many

– After Toujours – always

– Between Quand and a verb – when

Let’s see some examples for each situation. 

1. Before H aspiré - H aspiré acting as a consonant

French liaisons before a word starting with H aspiré are forbidden.

Je mange des haricots tous les jours.
I eat beans every day.

Les héros gagnent toujours à la fin de l’histoire.
Heroes always win at the end of the story.

2. Before Onze - eleven

Liaisons after Onze is forbidden. Technically, liaisons are forbidden before all numbers in French.

Est-ce que tu as rendu les onze livres à la bibliothèque ?
Did you return all eleven books to the library?

Il y avait onze plantes dans le salon.
There were eleven plants in the living room.

3. After a proper noun

James a acheté une nouvelle voiture.
James bought a new car.

Douglas ira chercher le colis à la Poste.
Douglas will pick up the package at the Post Office.

4. After a singular noun

Une souris a volé le bout de fromage sur la table.
A mouse stole the piece of cheese from the table.

La télévision est éteinte.
The television is off.

5. After Et - and

J’ai pris un jus d’orange et un café.
I had an orange juice and a coffee.

Il a apporté un gâteau et une bouteille de vin.
He brought a cake and a bottle of wine.

6. After Comment - how

Expect Comment allez-vous ?

Comment avez-vous appris ça ?
How did you learn that?

Comment est-ce qu’il est arrivé ici ?
How did he get here?

7. After Combien - how much / how many

Combien as-tu reçu ?
How much did you get?

Combien est-ce que tu en veux ?
How many do you want?

8. After Toujours - always

J’ai toujours eu beaucoup de chance.
I have always been very lucky.

Elle a toujours un peu peur du noir.
She’s still a little afraid of the dark.

9. Between Quand and a verb - when

Quand as-tu reçu ce courrier ?
When did you receive this mail?

Quand arriverez-vous ?
When will you arrive?

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