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Je m’appelle or Mon nom est? How to say “My Name is” in French 🇫🇷

Je m’appelle or Mon nom est?

What one do you use in French, Je m’appelle or Mon nom est?  One of the first things you learn when you start learning French is how to introduce yourself, and especially How to say Je m’appelle, “My name is” And while we have a lot of ways to introduce yourself in French, today we are going to focus on only two. Actually, just one because the other one is not the best way to say it.

Je m'appelle or Mon nom est?
Je m'appelle or Mon nom est?

Je m'appelle ...

Let’s start with the good way to introduce yourself.

In French we say:

Je m’appelle – My name is

This is confusing for French learners because the literal translation of “Je m’appelle” is “I am called”.

It comes form the reflexive verb S’appeler (which is also an irregular verb, but we will come back on that later.

If we look at the conjugation of the verb in Present tense we have:

Je m’appelle I am called

Tu t’appelles You are called

Il s’appelle He is called

Elle s’appelle She is called

Nous nous appelons We are called

Vous vous appelez You are called

Ils s’appellent They are called

Elles s’appellent They are called

Mon nom est ...

This one is the literal translation of My name is, and while it’s not grammatically incorrect, it’s better to use “Je m’appelle“.

Je m’appelle Dylane, et toi comment tu t’appelles ?

Watch the video to make sure to get the pronunciation right:

French Video: How to say "MY NAME IS" in French - Je m’appelle vs Mon nom est?

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