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When to use LE in Front of Days in French

When to use LE in Front of Days in French

When to use LE in front of days in French? Is it Lundi ou Le lundi? What about Les lundis? Or even Un lundi?
In this French lesson, we are going to learn all the different situations when we use LE in front of days in French, or not. 

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When to use LE in Front of Days in French

Let's review the days of the week in French


A few rules to keep in mind when it comes to days in French: 

  • Days of the week are masculine in French.

  • It’s always going to be preceded by le or un, never by la or une.

  • Days of the week in French don’t take a capital letter.

1. Use LE to Talk About Habits and Repeated Actions

We will use LE in front of days when you can translate in English as “on … s” – “ on Mondays.

The big difference here is that days are singular in French but plural in English. 
Both LE and LES are correct but LE is more often used than LES.

Je travaille le mercredi.
I work on Wednesdays.

Elle fait de la danse le vendredi.
She has dance on Fridays.

Est-ce que ton fils va à la crèche le mardi ?
Does your son go to daycare on Tuesdays?

2. Use LE in Front of Days in a General Context

Le vendredi est toujours long.
Friday is always long.

Mon jour préféré c’est le samedi.
My favorite day is Saturday.

3. Use LE when it’s a Part of a Date

On a signé le nouveau contrat le jeudi 3 mars.
We signed the new contract on Thursday, March 3rd.

La coupe du monde a commencé le dimanche 20 novembre 2022.
The World Cup started on Sunday, November 20th, 2022.

4. Use LES when Talking About Something Happening Regularly

Je fais du sport tous les mercredis.
I exercise every Wednesday.

Je fais du sport toutes les semaines.
I exercise every week.

Il voit ses petits-enfants tous les dimanches.
He sees his grandchildren every Sunday.

5. Don't use LE when Talking About Specific Days (out of a date)

We use an indefinite article – un – when we want to be precise about the day.

Ma fille est née un mardi.
My daughter was born on a Tuesday.

On s’est mariés à la mairie un jeudi.
We got married at City Hall on a Thursday.

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